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Humble Beginnings 

Generations of Machining Experience 

Beginning over four generations ago in India, Alberta CNC's roots in the machining industry are well established. Starting out with Sahara Industries a factory dedicated to making  parts and assembling of Singer sewing machines along with their own Sahara Brand

Widespread success of the parts, and the quality and ingenuity behind them led the factory to grow to a force of 400 employees in its prime.

Acquiring various machining skills along the way, the passion for entrepreneurship and machining went with the company on its move to Canada. 

Making a Mark

In 2006, Alberta CNC Machining INC. opened its doors for the very first time in Calgary. Beginning with only two CNCs in a 2000sqft shop we were ready to show Calgary and the world that it was not the size of the shop that mattered, but rather the heart. Mainly producing B.O.P parts in this time period of the company led us to begin a specialization in manufacturing parts for and related to the Oil and Gas Industry. Which brings us to where we stand today. 

Where We sTand TODAY

Today, thanks to the support of our Clients and Calgarians alike, our company is proud to be in large shop, with 4 CNC machines, a CMM machine, manual lathes and mills, alongside a plethora of other equipment to help meet any requests or needs from our clients, both prospective and existing. Serving clients worldwide has now become a norm for us and we are proud to say that we are a 100% Canadian company that was founded in and will stay in Alberta. 

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